bCryptbcrypt downloads last month

The bCrypt project for Node started as a way to secure passwords. Before offerings like auth0 and Cognito were big, we were all still storing passwords in our own databases. Other platforms/languages had an implementation of bCrypt already. But, Node didn't have one yet. I wanted to learn more about how addons worked in Node and was building an app that needed logins so I decided to implement the bCrypt algorithm for Node.

After some time I was able to get a first pass working and, as they say, the rest is history. I was surprised by how fast it took off. I released the code and it filled a need in the community. A lot of people have contributed, helping the addon grow and stablize since those early days.

Croncron downloads last month

Like the bCrypt project, cron was born out of a need. I was building a tool to repeat tasks and had been used to systems like Celery at the time. I wanted to have the ability to run code on a repeated basis inside a node process. I noticed that there was a Javascript project by James Padolsey that brought this kind of behavior to javscript. So, I forked the project and started to get to work.

Since those days the project has bloomed with help from many in the community. The principles of cron still apply, but the project has definitely seen a lot of activity over the years and for good reason. People use it a lot.